Build and Update Management Web Panel

  1. Go to the Management Web Panel Project Directory

    cd path/to/the/ManagementConsole_AngularApp/
  2. Build the Management Panel for Production

    ng build --prod

    After this command finishes, there will be folder with name ‘dist’. Now it is time to replace the content in Ant Media Server project

  3. Go to the Ant-Media-Server project root folder and remove all files cd path/to/the/Ant-Media-Server/src/main/server/webapps/root  rm -rf *

  4. Copy the dist folder of Management Panel to the root folder of Ant-Media-Server

    cp -R path/to/the/ManagementConsole_AngularApp/dist/*  path/to/the/Ant-Media-Server/src/main/server/webapps/root
  5. Repackage server and test the management panel and If everything is ok, commit and push the changes